How can I get the product catalogue?

Our full-range product catalogue could be obtained on request. You can mail us on info@galaxytools.in and can have the pdf of our products.

What is your warranty policy?

1. Every product is covered under manufacturing defect guarantee.. If a product gets damaged or starts leaking within 10-15 days of its use, it is replaced. If a product is used for more than a month and a defect comes thereafter, then it is not replaced, but repaired.

2. If a product encounters a problem after being used by the customer and has a 2 - 4 month old manufacturing date, but the product is relatively new in condition, we still consider replacing the product. The products that are new and have not been used are the only ones that are replaceable.

3. We give guarantee only for products which have been recently produced.

From where can I purchase your products?

Galaxy's products are available in all cities and at tehsil levels. Still if you are not able to find any of our products, you may call our customer care number: 011-27931055.

What is the life of Galaxy's products?

Tools, used with little care, have a life of around 5-10 yrs.

From where can we get your products in wholesale?

You can get products in wholesale from Delhi (Daryaganj Market), and our authorized dealers (the list of the authorized dealers is mentioned on our website).

Which big companies use your products?

All the companies which manufacture A/C and refrigerators use our products, like LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Godrej, etc. Our products are also used in Indian government departments like Railways, IITs, etc.

In which countries are your products available?

Our products are available (all over India and) in neighbouring countries- Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and also in Saudi Arabia and its neighbouring countries.

What is the rank of your product quality all over the world?

Galaxy ranks approximately 3rd to 5th.

How much %age of educated technicians in India uses only your products?

Approximately 80% educated technicians use our products.

What is your special contribution to Refrigeration and Air-conditioning industry?

The main purpose of the refrigeration industry is to provide cooling with highest efficiency. This happens when Mafron Gas is circulated properly in a copper pipe without any leakage. To ensure this, Galaxy International came up with first set of sophisticated tools in India in 1986 that ensured that the copper pipes are cut properly without bending them to cease any kind of leakage that would affect the ozone layer.

With the invention of 100% leak-proof tools, Galaxy International has provided Indian Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry a solid foundation to save the Environment and reduce Global Warming.

What is your special contribution to society, country and world?

Being an organizer with Rishi Samskruti Vidya Kedra, Bangalore for more than a decade, Mr. Virender Aggarwal also holds an honour of serving as a teacher for three years. The organization was founded by Guruji Sh. Rishi Prabhakarji, who after completing a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Ottawa, also completed MBA from University of Western Ontario, Canada and is a an active environmentalist. Apart from that, Mr. Virender Aggarwal also supports the 'Art of Happiest Living', and shares a personal touch with programmes such as Hasyayog, Vedic Life Mission, Art of Living, Osho Meditation, Kalyan Meditation and Naturopathy and Ayurveda. Galaxy has also contributed in preventing sale of imported products thereby supporting by making best quality products with Indian man power.

What is your contribution towards the life of employees working with you?

Galaxy provides atmosphere in which everyone works with honesty and truthfulness. So, employees work in peaceful, cheerful surrounding.