Our policy is not to maintain just organizational growth but also the personal growth of the employee. Our focus lies on developing the personality and increasing the capability of employees so that their experience with Galaxy proves to be fruitful. Our founder, Mr. Virender Kumar Aggarwal, is an expert on entrepreneurship skills and has mentored many employees already as he has served as a teacher for three or more years.

For the initial 3-6 months, every employee has to go through a training period in which he/she learns hands-on practical working methods and also adopts tp the moral values and environment of Galaxy. After the completion of this training period, the employee becomes capable of implementing his work even without supervision.

We are currently hiring:

  • Assistant Manager
    BBA/ Equivalent Graduation
    Package - Rs.1,31,000 - Rs.1,70,000
  • Trainee Assistant Manager
    Minimum 12ᵗʰ pass
    Package - Rs.1,00,250 - Rs.1,55,000
  • Assistant S/W Accountant
    B.Com/ Inter-CA/ or Equivalent Graduation
    Package - Rs.1,44,000 - Rs.2,23,000
  • Trainee Assistant Accountant
    Minimum 12ᵗʰ pass
    Package - Rs.1,00,250 - Rs.1,55,000
  • Office Accountant
    Grad. In Office Management
    Package - Rs.1,19,000 - Rs. 1,64,000
  • Trainee Office Accountant
    Minimum 12 th pass
    Package - Rs.1,00,250 - Rs.1,55,000
  • Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering / Production and Industrial Engineering
    Package - Rs.1,75,500 - Rs. 2,23,000
  • B.Tech Mechanical
    Package - Rs. 1,44,500- Rs.2,23,000
  • Diploma Mechanical
    Package - Rs.1,31,000- Rs.1,70,000
  • ITI Mechanical
    Packages- Rs.1,19,000- Rs. 1,57,000
  • Assistant Online Marketing
    Packages- Rs.1,31,500- Rs.1,70,000
  • Marketing Executive
    Package- Rs.1,00,250- Rs.1,55,000

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