Currently, Galaxy tools is backing and supporting many institutes and also teaches life & success skills

Galaxy Tools is the only Indian company whose founder came forward and took a step in the direction of saving the Earth from global warming which is caused due to the depletion of the Ozone layer. One of the main reasons of the hole in the Ozone layer is the emission of Mafron gas from refrigerators and ACs which is responsible for approximate 40% of the damage caused. Though, now this amount has been reduced because of the usage of tools manufactured by Galaxy Tools like Junior Tube Cutter, Eco Tube Cutter, Swaging Tool, Mini Tube Cutter, Pinch-Of-Plier and many more.

Galaxy has also reduced the import of tools from other countries by 80% and has established itself as a monopoly in the Indian market. Through this, it has also prioritized usage of products of Indian origin. Technicians of both, MNCs and small scaled companies, use our products and are contributing in making India pollution-free, which has always been our vision and motto from Day 1.

Mr. Virender Kumar Aggarwal, has tried and tested all the techniques in past 37 years and therefore, his experience is something the world can count on. Also, he is a life coach as he has successfully completed 3 major operations and trainings from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Osho meditation and Bhartiya Yoga Sansthan.


Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji
All family life uplifting, complete training taken by Virenderji from 1992-2004 and helped the organisation physically, mentally and financially. Teacher for Delhi and Punjab (2004-2010) for health, mental peace, success entrepreneurship training, reverse engineering, and also help people to manifest Indian values and ethics from within through Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) program.


It is a training institute where people are trained and equipped for personal development and fast tracking on the path of growth and prosperity. This University is not related to any Religion. Followers of various Religions come to attend our courses and having been trained, return to their respective Religions.
(This is a copied text from their website)

Virender Ji got connected with this from 2010 till now. We get a chance to be and live personally at our residence and at our 2nd residence (house) nearby with Guruji. Virender Ji has helped the organisation mentally, physically and financially.

Guruji- Sri Sri Guru Sudershan Ji


Our vision is to create a "NEW MAN", whose feet are rooted into the earth and arms stretched to the sky, who accepts, loves, and respects life in all its flavours, enjoys prosperity in outer world and is deeply rooted to his inner being through Meditation & 'Samadhi'. His life is a total celebration. He is meditative at the center and loving at the circumference, a Materialist Spiritualist (Rasik-Bairagi) , Body as well as Soul. (This text is copied from their website).

Guruji- Shree

Shreee, an enlightened spiritual guide, started with his search for "the Truth" at the age of 12. After many years of his rigorous search, he attained Enlightenment. Shreee has lived and outlived many challenges of the worldly and spiritual life, which makes him give practical and to-the-point solutions to the participants. (Last paragraph is also copied from their website).

Virender Ji is connected with this organisation from 2005 till now.


Dr. Devsharma has got Vedalankar and M.A. as degree from gurukul kangri university. He also did M.Phil and Ph. D. with YOGA subject from Delhi University which he has used for the upliftment of lives of children , youth, married couples as well as senior citizens thereby covering every age group.

Many problems regarding these age groups are solved by him in a very unambiguous manner. Since 1990, he has been giving himself up to counseling ( be it child related, family related etc) , writing books and several other beneficial things for our society.

His valuable books Manchahi santan (designer baby) , saat kadam mere sang (on pre-marriage counseling) , hum kyu padte hai (on children'slife) are making peoples lives happy.

(Copied from their website)
Website- www.vediclifemission.com

On his son Mayank's wedding he presented a gift of "A new pschycological 50 Questions replied by Options- system" to the Indian Society which is related to "understanding between husband and wife"

Developed and finalized by Dr. Dev Sharma & Virender Ji inculcated in the book - Seven Steps With Me Saat Kadam Mere Sang & circulated this book to personal & Business community.


Effective meditation classes. Give peace to mind and soul.

Guru Ji –Dhyan Guru Kalyan Baba Ji / Meditation Guru Ujjya Kalyan Bab Ji / Swami Kalyan Ji

From Rishikesh, Neelkanth Himalaya


Virender Ji is linked to Vaid Subhash Sharma.

Health consultant

All employees are under his guidance for health.

Dr. Neha (Veer Apartments, Sector-13, Rohini, Delhi)

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