How can I get the product catalogue?

You can mail us your request on info@galaxytools.in and we will revert you with a PDF of our products.

What is your warranty policy?

1. Every product's policy is covered under manufacturing defect guarantee. If a product gets damaged or starts leaking within 10-15 days of its use, it can be replaced but if the defect comes after using it for more than a month, then it won't be replaced but can be repaired.

2. If the manufacturing date of a product is 2-4 months old, it is new in condition and is encountering some issue at this point, then the replacement of the product can be considered. The products that are new and have not really been used are only subjected to replacement.

3. The guarantee is provided for only those products which have been manufactured recently.

From where I can purchase?

Click here http://shop.galaxytools.in/, For more information, you can also call our customer care no. +11 4245 1055.

What is the life span of Galaxy's products?

If used with care, then the tools have a life span of 5-10 years.

From where can I get your products on a wholesale price?

You can get our products either from Delhi's Daryaganj Market or from our authorised dealers. The list of our authorised dealers is mentioned on our website.

Which MNCs use your products?

Almost all the MNCs which manufacture ACs and refrigerators use our products like LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Whirlpool, Godrej etc. Our products are also used in Indian Government's bodies such as Railways, IITs etc.

In which countries are your products available?

Our products are available in all over India and also in some of the neighbour countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and also in Saudi Arabia and its neighbour countries.

What is the rank of your product quality in the world?

Galaxy's rank lies between 3rd to 5th.

In India, what is the %age of educated technicians who use only your products?

Around approximate 80%.

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